Streamline Oil & Gas Operations 

Improve Accuracy. Increase Insight. Improve Efficiency.


Improve Accuracy. Increase Insight. Improve Efficiency.

Save Time. Save Money.

OTS’ niche in this fast growing market is 3rd party management of data. Our team of experienced Technical Managers ensure the integrity of data collected and the cost associated. Reducing the need of excess staff, increasing field efficiency, and eliminating all of that unwanted paper.



Our Product Line


Track. Report. Invoice. 

Eliminate Human Error.

See Real Time Data.


Make Informed Decisions.

Enhance Connectivity.

Increase Profitability.


Manage the Field.

Monitor what Matters.

Maintain Efficiency.


Real Time Oil Data Tracking. 

Accounting System Integration.

Invoice Generation.


Manage your Fleet in Real Time

Control your Operations in New Ways!

Learn All About the Advantages that Our System Has to Offer

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With our mobile application software solutions you can ensure your operations will run at maximum profitability by monitoring what matters, eliminating human error, and increasing insight with real time data


Real Experience. Real Solutions

Founded in 2013, OTS is a Software Development and Application Company that developed an Android and iOS operating cloud-based platform that streamlines Oil and Gas operations, from the field - back to the office.

WIth 30 years of hands-on field and software development experience, we have been able to develop software that operators, vendors and trucking companies rely upon and trust.

At OTS, our mission statement and office culture is simple, “Improve Accuracy. Increase Insight. Institute Efficiency.”


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